Junker & Ruh 1886 Handcrank Sewing Machine & Manual….

This little beauty has been sitting patiently waiting since 2020 for her turn on the workbench. I started out with the basics – a good mechanical clean and oil to see if we could get her to turn. It took a bit of work and TLC but once that was sorted I moved onto threading.Continue reading “Junker & Ruh 1886 Handcrank Sewing Machine & Manual….”

Bernina Matic 802 Electronic …

The free-motion embroidery that you see here is my first attempt at it using a wonderful online course by Jo Hill. You can find all the information on her website here. Here is a link to the Bernina 801_2_3 Sport sewing machine manual which is very similar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jSy0pOF0sgN0yK4lvHqKmonfCK4caq-N/view?usp=sharing How to thread your Bernina 802 ElectronicContinue reading “Bernina Matic 802 Electronic …”