Meet the chooks….

Hello, we wanted to say hi and welcome to our adventures at the Hesketh Hen House. Our name’s are Maid Marian (thank you Poppy), Lucky Lucy (thanks Barnaby), Hope (thanks Mara) and Grace (our human’s choice). We are settling in okay but didn’t want to come out of the nice cosy house that was madeContinue reading “Meet the chooks….”

COVID-19, Coops and Chooks….

There is a song that keeps playing in my head; you may remember it from singing it to your children…. 🎼 Chick chick chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me, chick chick chick chick chicken I want one for my tea, I haven’t had one since Easter and now it’s half past three,Continue reading “COVID-19, Coops and Chooks….”