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About Headbands for Heroes UK

Headbands for Heroes UK is a group that has been set up to help our Key Workers to be comfortable while they work in very difficult times.

Not everyone has a choice in the type and style of face mask they are given as part of their PPE and the over-the-ear masks make it extremely painful on the ears, and after a long shift we have had reports of bleeding and damaged ears! If we can make headbands for face masks and gift them to anyone requesting them, this will remove one stress during this very challenging time.

If you would like to join us in making headbands, donating materials or giving financial assistance towards materials and deliveries, please join our group @headbandsforheroesuk, drop us a message on email at heskethemporium@hotmail.com or comment below.

A pattern and instructional video are available via the Facebook group @HeadbandsforHeroesUK in the Files and Announcements sections.

Keep safe & keep crafting
Michele and the admin team at
Headbands for Heroes UK
Hesketh Emporium

Order your headband

We are producing two varieties of headband for you to choose from to help make your amazing work that much easier. Have a look below or visit our product page.

Headband with Buttons

The original headband for our heroes. A simple headband with buttons to attach a medical face mask. A stylish way to reduce fatigue from hooking face mask elastic around your ears.

Face Mask Tab

The face mask tab is an alternative to a headband for those that may not want to wear a full headband. It sits at the back of the head so you can attach the face mask to the buttons.

Guidelines for sewers

To help make it as easy as possible to get involved we have written some guidelines for sewers so you know how to make the headbands. Full details can be found on the Facebook Group Announcements.

  • Fabrics – Cotton or Polycotton
  • Elastic 8mm – 20mm (soft is most comfortable on the back of the head)
  • Buttons – (Medium to Medium/Large 12mm -20mm approx)
  • Seam Allowance – Measurement of cut sizes include a 10mm seam allowance
  • Care Instructions: All headbands are made in cotton or polycotton to allow them to be washed at 60ºC or higher

Instructional Videos

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