One Newhome rescues another….

Isn’t it amazing when you receive three Sewing Machines in a couple of weeks of each other and one has to be scrapped but as a result a part from it is used to rescue another one!

Another Newhome sewing machine in the work space today. NewHome 531. This one comes in a little table. Her name is Nancy.

I can’t believe that the Sewing Machine I scrapped yesterday has given new life to this old girl. Sadly this machine came with no foot pedal and electrical connector and no spare parts, feet or anything else. If it hadn’t been for the fact that yesterday I scrapped the other machine which came with a power supply and footpedal this one would sadly have also been consigned to the scrapheap.

It’s a much happier ending for this old girl because after a lot of cleaning she is now working absolutely perfectly. I took thread out of places where a machine would normally never see thread! I am not sure how people manage this but it was so bad that the machine wouldn’t even turn over and the motor just hummed trying to drive the belt and would’ve burnt out if I hadn’t cleaned it first.

A lot of cleaning and oiling and slowly the parts started to move. At that point I knew she was worth working on and I continued the restoration process.

She is now sewing a beautiful seam Threading a NewHome 531 sewing machine.

I will use her to sew for a few hours to ensure everything is well and then she will be ready for rehoming. A very happy ending for a vintage machine. 🧵😁❤️

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