Pearl – the Singer…

Meet Pearl the Singer 15k which according to the records dates from 1906.

Pearl belongs to Fiona, one of the ladies from my Handmade community sewing group. Fiona‘s hubby bought this little singer for her but she’s been on display for a while as Fiona was unsure whether she worked properly or not.

I’ve given Pearl a service and a cleanup and she works fine apart from a few obvious problems.

Pearl – a Singer 15k
The back plate is missing. Not a major issue if she is kept in a case because that way dust can’t get in
I think she’s been dropped. One of the spool holders is very badly bent and the lever to raise the presser foot is snapped.
I don’t believe modern Needle shafts are quite long enough for this machine. I’ve had to drop the needle in order for it to form a stitch properly
A little video of Pearl in action
Traditionally old machines come with a round felt disk to protect the body of the machine from the spool turning constantly as well as to ensure the thread doesn’t snag. I love to crochet these for all the machines I work on as many of the little discs are missing.

Pearl, I hope you’ll be very happy sewing for many years to come with Fiona and her family.

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