Not all Vintage Sewing Machines can be rescued…

I’m often gifted Sewing Machines which I restore and pass on to people that are learning to sew. The problem is that not all sewing machines can be repaired and are worth repairing.

I’m immediately suspicious when machine arrives with bits of broken plastic and hinges snapped. In this case I believe the machine has at some point been dropped

I generally base my decision on whether to repair a machine on its worth now and the quality of the machine to start with.

In the case of this NewHome machine that I received recently, I firstly check that it works if it’s electrical and then work my way from there. In this case I oiled it and cleaned it but when it came to actually sewing the motor was unable to turn the needle bar up and down. This was not a problem with the motor which works fine but rather something not turning correctly inside the machine.

In the case of this machine it will cost too much time and energy to find what is internally damaged and I therefore have to just harvest the parts that I can to use in other sewing machine restorations.

This does make me very sad, but when you have limited time, energy and resources you need to ensure you’re spending it on a machine that is worth the effort.

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