The gift of sewing…..

I love all things sewing and making, but I love being able to give the gift of sewing to others just as much. In fact, I love it so much that I teach community sewing groups in Wigan.

In addition to teaching beginners to sew or improve, when they show a real interest and desire to create, it sometimes isn’t enough to just teach. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to get an old machine and tinker and clean until it hums like new again.

Well, I have a gift and with this comes a desire to bless others. I do this in the form of buying or acquiring old machines and fixing them to gift on to others. Over the years I have given away dozens of machines and I wanted to start a record of which machines went where. Some are so far distant that I cannot recall, so now seems like a good time to start the process.

December 2021 – this old girl was gifted to me by Lynda and after some cleaning and adding in a tin of sewing tools and accessories, she went off to her new home with Abigail and her two daughters…..

I will continue to bring sewing to as many people as I can – it isn’t just about the sewing and being able to make nice things for yourself, family and friends, but it is a joy to meet up with other people as a sewing community.

Happing sewing everyone!

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