Junker & Ruh 1886 Handcrank Sewing Machine & Manual….

This little beauty has been sitting patiently waiting since 2020 for her turn on the workbench. I started out with the basics – a good mechanical clean and oil to see if we could get her to turn. It took a bit of work and TLC but once that was sorted I moved onto threading.

Make & Model – 1886 Junker & Ruh. Her name is Jasmine

Purchase date : October 2020

1886 Junker & Ruh handcrank sewing machine from Germany

These old machines use a very different type of needle – round shafts that are a lot smaller in diameter than the modern flat sided needles we are more familiar with. Luckily I had a small number of needles from vintage sewing kit donations and these fit the needle bar and clamp.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of how high the needle should be inserted and unless the needle is exactly the correct length when it enters the fabric and returns, it will never form a stitch. A lot of trial and error and I got it just right and I will have to put an indicator on the needle bar so I can repeat the correct position when the needle needs replacing. There is a good reason modern machines have a stopper which the needle engages with!

This lovely machine even came with all the original feet and some needles – these are sadly rusted but I will look into whether I can restore them. The box includes the original manual – rather beaten and torn, but some very careful ironing and it is at least flatish. It is very fragile so I’ve scanned it and will put the original into an acid free sleeve and put a new printed copy inside the case instead. You will find a link to the manual here…..

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