Viking Husqvarna 6460 – Viola

I purchased another vintage machine. I have a few of these machines now and this one is also destined for a new home soon.

The machine looks extremely well kept and outwardly nearly new.  The problem was that the seller insisted hubby tested the machine before he took it away and with these machines that can be disastrous because of the grease going solid if it is not maintained.

She came with the cover, presser feet, pedal and extension table, but the only CAM with her was ‘A’ which was in the machine; all the other CAMs it would have come with are missing and I will see if I have a few spares from a donor machine.

We got her home and on opening the case she is extremely clean and hardly used – a good thing in one way, but often this means they have been left unserviced for years as well.  On closer inspection, as I feared, the CAM has split because the motor should NOT have been run in this state.  This is by far the worst machine for this grease issue that I own (I have 6 of these machines) and as she was so little used, and then left it had completely seized up inside.  I couldn’t even unscrew the cover from the bobbin area as the grease had completely set.  This was the same when I opened it up and none of the knobs would turn. Grease had got under the motor cover and when someone had tried to remove it the case split and broke off leaving a bit of the cover stuck to the body.  I will have to glue this back and also fix the screw holes in the corners which had snapped off – probably for the same reason. Maintenance was impossible without completely dismantling the machine to remove the hard grease and reapply it.  The lever to lift the presser foot was also frozen in place and took a LOT of work to free and be usable.  

I have shown hubby what to look for if we ever buy any more of these models because then he can first check the CAM before buying it. This is sadly an expensive repair and sometimes makes buying these machines too expensive. On the other hand, it can give you a bit of negotiating power.

Following a thorough restoration of the internal mechanisms, everything is running beautifully and smoothly. She is waiting for a replacement CAM and then I can test all the fancy stitches she is able to do.

Here is a link to a 6020 and 6570 users manual until I find the actual manual:

6020 User Manual

6570 Manual –

This video will show you how to thread the machine and wind the bobbin:

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