The BIG mask debate….

Surely we’ve all been expecting the mask issue to eventually be recognised by our government?

Almost every other country has agreed that a mask does lend some protection and anything is surely better than nothing! I am sure there are many and varied views on this matter, but that isn’t what this post is about. This post is simply to show you that you have options.

Whether your option is to buy disposable – absolutely NOT a good idea because our planet can do without another form of rubbish in landfill! So PLEASE don’t.

You can buy a lovely designer face mask from our website. These are reusable, look great and will last a long time – long enough to get through this pandemic. These are on our website at, and currently all the money we make from them goes towards making more free headbands and ear protectors for our key workers. These include some really lovely fabric prints, a double layer with a pocket for a filter material and a nose wire.

Please, if you have the financial ability to purchase these from us, we would really appreciate your support, but we know this isn’t an option for everyone so have provided a cheaper option and a free DIY option too.

Our second option is the budget range of face masks. Make in a very good quality cotton, it still has the 2 layers and pocket for additional filter material and a nose wire. The design is more basic and therefore easier and quicker for us to make and we can therefore offer these at a lower price. They will last just as long and are fully recyclable too. The difference is that on these you get one colour only – green. These will soon be up on the website as well –

Then we come to a DIY option for anyone that isn’t in a position to pay for a face mask or is just a keen ‘I’ll try anything once’ kind of person. I have found many options but this method really is machine and sewing free, and a great way of recycling old t-shirts too. You simply need a t-shirt and a pair of scissors. This tutorial is available on Youtube and with one t-shirt you can make at least four face masks for yourself, your family or friends.

The tutorial is here…..kutikutidiy

Now you have options based on any budget.

Let’s keep ourselves and everyone else safe, you never know who may have the virus and so we should assume for now that we are all potential carriers and protect one another. There is tons of research out there – be careful as the internet is full of equal quantities of good and bad advice, but a good starting point is the information available on the Olson face mask pattern – designed by doctors and my favourite pattern and the one we use at Hesketh

If a mask is good enough for a superhero, it’s good enough for us too.

Keep safe and keep crafting.

Love from Michele


Hesketh Emporium and Headbands for Heroes UK

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