How to make a Ponytail Face Mask Holder….

Over at Headbands for Heroes UK, we are very busy making all sorts of face mask holders to help our key workers to protect their ears from the elastics on the over-the-ear face masks that a lot of them are issued as part of their protective equipment.

Today I did a short demonstration on Facebook Live to show you how I make mine. We provide all our headbands, holders and tabs free to key workers over on our website at

If you haven’t yet signed up to be a maker with the Headbands for Heroes UK campaign please head over to the facebook group and join in. In the Announcements section you will find a Volunteer form that you can complete. When you have some ready for collection just drop us a message and one of our incredible volunteer bikers will nip round and collect them for delivery to the customer.

Thank you for watching and getting involved helping our heroes.

Happy crafting

x Michele x

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