Meet the chooks….

Hello, we wanted to say hi and welcome to our adventures at the Hesketh Hen House.

Our name’s are Maid Marian (thank you Poppy), Lucky Lucy (thanks Barnaby), Hope (thanks Mara) and Grace (our human’s choice).

We are settling in okay but didn’t want to come out of the nice cosy house that was made for us. The weather was cold and very windy, and us chickens don’t like too much wind you know!

Anyway, after a bit of coaxing we decided that all the good grass and treats outside the house were too tempting and started to explore our new pad.

They’ve done a half decent job so far, but I hope they give us a bit more space soon because otherwise it’s going to become a bit boring inside the fence they’ve put up. To be honest, we are a bit annoyed that we are penned in at all; why can’t we just be left to run around that lovely big garden? We could help them with all the slugs and snails they keep complaining about. I did however, overhear one of the humans saying that once we had settled in and were more comfortable they may open the fence for us…’s hoping hey!

We spent a comfortable first night in our hen house thanks to all the lovely clean straw bedding that’s been provided. In fact, that big human opened up the door at a ridiculously early hour and expected us to come outside – is he crazy! It was only 7.30am and so we decided to show him our displeasure by only leaving the house at lunchtime – ha!

Let’s see if they provide us any more treats today. The corn was okay, but I would kill for a bit of healthy salad greens.

Chook, chook.

Maid Marian

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